Studio Rental


Bgemini recording studios and video, photo, and design studios are available to the general public for time rental in any of our studios.


The recording studios, audio and musical equipment, photography and video equipment, photography and video stage, and production rooms are all offered both with or without a staff member running your session depending on your needs and preferences. We are happy to accommodate outside producers, engineers, photographers, videographers, voiceover artists, and other creative professionals here at the studios, and we will guide you through the specifics of our rooms and equipment to ensure you get the most from your time working here.


If you are planning to conduct your own sessions in our studios without the need of our staff, we will first need to verify your ability to do so properly. Usually a quick conversation or a reference or two will do the trick.

Scalable Pricing


Prices are subject to many variables, including which studio your project requires, whether or not you would like one of our staff members running the session in the studios, how long you would like to book, and even down to what time of day or day of the week you’re looking for. You will find us friendly and very easy to deal with. We can accommodate most sessions and budgets here at Bgemini Studios. Just give us a call at 832-857-9000 or, if you prefer, shoot us an e-mail at and we can setup a time to talk about your options.

Free Consultations


Initial project consultations and studio tours are always 100% free and represent a good chance for us to talk about the goals for your project so we can best help you meet and EXCEED those expectations.