Get the look for your brand.  Give your fans and clients stunning visuals they will associate with top-quality product, service, and experiences.  Bgemini Studios’ graphic design services and in-house Graphic Designer can accommodate any and all of your business or artistic needs.

Services Offered


• A unique logo that reflects you and your brand

• Personalized Business Cards

• Brochures

• Custom Letter Head Template

• Custom Post Card Template

• Merchandise Design (i.e.- t-shirts, hats, women’s tee, lap top bag, etc.)

• Promotional Items (i.e.- magnets, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc.)

• Any other specific branding package material directly related to your project’s needs



Our Graphic Designer will begin by meeting with you one-on-one to learn more about your project, in order to best display your brand and help you garner immediate public attention.  Once the creative and commercial aims of your project are discussed, a custom branding package will be developed, all while remaining within your stated budget.


In addition to branding material, our Graphic Designer can also accommodate:


• Photo Editing

• Album Cover Art

• Banners

• Posters

• Flyers

  Graphic Design

Our Process