Media And Music


Bgemini Recording Studios is ideally suited to meet your company’s needs in the area of commercial music.  Our blend of music and media professionals create the perfect team for dreaming up the perfect jingle or music bed for your company’s business or advertising needs.

A Team to Meet Your Needs


Need a jingle?  What about an original score for film and television?   Whether you simply need a place to flesh out and record already-written music for your project, or you need something written specifically for your film or television production, Bgemini Recording Studios can help.  The studio also has relationships with instrument specialists around the world to provide the perfect part for your project.




Bgemini Studios’ commercial music services include:


  •     Jingle writing

  •     Scores for film, television, and new media

  •     Original music for commercials

  •     Soundtrack production

  •     On-hold music customized for your business


                                                  The Perfect Facility


Our top-of-the-line Pro Tools HD system, the tremendous ICON D-Command, stunning multiple recording studios and production rooms, and extensive outboard, microphones, and instrument backline make us the perfect facility for recording and mixing commercial music projects of any size or scope.