Small business and creative professional websites are the specialty of Bgemini Studios’ web design team! At  Bgemini, we realize that a graphically-engaging, persuasive, and interactive web experience is vital for the success of your project. We also recognize that web development budgets are tight and clients need high-impact results for prices that don’t break the bank.


Our design team has extensive backgrounds in:


  •     WordPress and Joomla

  •     Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro X, Muse, Flash, etc.)

  •     Professional, photography

  •     Professional, video production

  •     Professional, voiceover and narration

  •     Music production and recording

  •     Small business marketing and promotion

  •     Wide scale advertising campaigns


                                Multiple Disciplines for Incredible Results


Why go to any company for web design that can’t actually accommodate all of your needs?  At Bgemini, we combine traditional web design resources with the power and skill set of an entire media production facility, complete with two state-of-the-art recording studios, a configurable stage for video production and photography, graphic design, voiceover and narration, original music production, and a staff well-versed in advertising and copywriting.


On many projects, a combination of these disciplines and production techniques are required to achieve the necessary results.  At Bgemini Studios, you have a one-stop shop capable of providing you with all the media you require for an outstanding web presence, or just pick and choose a la carte from the services you need.




Web Design